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The Pond of Living Water

prayer pond

A Place of Reflection

Water is nourishing to us in more than one way. Physically, it quenches our thirst, cleanses, and refreshes us. Water is also a potent symbol of nourishment and refreshment, as it is in Jesus’s conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well. In the Biblical account of their interaction, Jesus does not judge the woman, but rather, offers himself to her as the Living Water, as the woman acknowledges her need.

The story, a kind of touchstone for us with the life and ministry of Jesus, can be nourishing and refreshing to those of us experiencing these first century events some twenty centuries later. And, when we were separated from our community, as we have been during recent months, we experience a heightened awareness of the importance of touchstones in our lives. Part of our Church’s ministry is to provide these touchstones as a way of connecting, and as a source of meaning and comfort.

We have a box for receiving prayer requests and it, along with a small pond of water, have been placed here in our sanctuary. These can serve as reminders to us of the wellspring of life that Christ offers to everyone without judgment. So, if we are physically separated and you have a prayer request, complete the request using the link near the bottom of this page. Your request will be printed and placed in the box in our sanctuary, and a rock – a touchstone – will be placed in the pond to represent the need. Our minister will include these requests in prayer each week and give them to God once a month.

You are welcome to include your name when submitting, but it is not required – you may be anonymous.

Grady & Miriam Bailey    Nancy Quinerly Beth Sumerlin

Mabel Bowen     Marie Cowan     Annie Gurganus     Janie Joyner  Ruth Taylor

Myrtle Sugg Shirley Meeks


James Gerdes (Kim’s father)
Kelli Whitley (cousin of Miriam Lewis)

Crystal Vine – sleep at night and finances

Paige – emotional and physical healing

Crystal Vines – please pray for finances

Emilie Gerdes (Kim Griffiths’s mother)