Sun, July 25 Virtual Worship

FCC members and friends,

A person who attended worship this past Sunday has tested positive for COVID-19.

Worship service for this Sunday (July 25) in the sanctuary has been cancelled.

Please be in prayer for this person! And please monitor your own health closely and get tested right away if you have any COVID symptoms. If you test positive, please let the office know as soon as you can. Your identity will be kept confidential, but we want to be monitoring the situation for the safety of all.

Dr. Barrow also also recommends if individuals have not been vaccinated to get vaccinated, even if they have had COVID-19 infection. As long as you are three months after the infection you should get a vaccination. This is also with the caveat one should always check with their own doctor, but if anyone has questions about the vaccinations they can always contact him.

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